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Digital Transformation is reshaping Financial sector and playing a pivotal role in markets, investments, government sector leveraging technology management, Data Governance, saving accounts, investing financial assets wholly dedicated to generating revenue and economic growth. With the adoption of digital transformation, enterprises are understanding the need of data insights for agile operating models and predefined processes. Hence, financial sectors are leveraging digital solutions for better business outcomes and enhanced CX. We at ContyriveAi are enriched with knowledge to lead financial institutes through an advanced digital transformation.

Risk Assessment And Recommendation Engine

Risk Assessment deals with compliance risks, fraud risks, investments, business, loans through identification, activity monitoring. Recommendation Engine comprises of Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Filtering and Hybrid Recommendations leading to intelligent information filtering, categorizing customers from their preferences.

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Automated Investment Services

It involves financial firms, investment tracking with automatic monitoring and rebalancing, access to wealth management, stock predictions, detect patterns to find fraudulent activities, lowers cost of Asset management, transparency of performance, online Robotic investing, sustain income stream, optimization of finances through a data-driven plan.

Sentiment and Feedback Analysis

Sentiment Analysis involves positive, negative and neutral feedback initiating with gathering feedback and reporting complete analysis with Features extraction and Ontology. Measuring the degree of satisfaction through sentiments and feedback, prioritizing and identifying dissatisfaction providing insights into markets, recognize and consider what delights and annoys the customer.

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We Are Creating Indian Platform For Dividend Investing.

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